Why the Name,
"Schizoid Johnny,"
and What Does it Mean?"



Johnny's creation and portrayal of the character, "Schizoid Johnny", is an artistic expression of the binary trade option antithesis and hypocrisy within society.

Art is made to reflect the age that we live in and if needed, to create controversy, in order to bring truth.  In accepting the dual nature of humanity, i.e. the yin and the yang, Johnny expresses through his original music, lyrics and performance art,  that the confession of Schizoid Johnny's own duality, is in turn, whole-complete-and sane, while the world's denial of it not.

In using a deep, personal, introspection upon binary trade options the audience, the audience then chooses acceptance or denial. In either choice, the audience and artist become introspective:  for to deny anything is still admitting existence, and therefore, logically, is to merely to accept it, within.

In causing the audience to choose they become 'one' within itself, and 'one', with the artist; thereby nullifying the entire 'Schizoid' thesis, idea and definition altogether, and becoming in the mind of the audience, simply human, and one of them.

As John says, "No one, is anything, of what they believe and portray themselves to be. In the Universe of Chaos, we are merely spiritual what are binary options particles of cosmic physical dust, frantically bouncing of one another: trying to assimilate into a structure of acceptance, surrender and oneness."

Sam Abramson - Producer and Director

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